Evolvus BlueLake

Evolvus BlueLake™ allows banks to have seamless processing of multiple layers of data in a single unified enterprise-ready solution. Download the  Evolvus BlueLake™ Brochure to learn how banks can gain flexible control over their data with our fully scalable Data Lake solution. 

Corporate Brochure

Evolvus Solutions, a payment modernization company offers a diverse range of products and services across the banking domain. The Flux suite of solutions offers robust and resilient architecture for financial institutions to enable secure real-time payments, bill collections,

Data Integration Practice

Evolvus’s industry proven DIP solutions guide banking entities to create sustainable business processes and architectures. Custom built DIP framework and skillsets support organizations to deploy next generation tools and develop customer centric business models to remain ahead of the disruption curve.


Flux is a payments processing platform which represents the enterprise infrastructure required by financial institutions to provide payments services across various channels in a cost effective way.

Flux Real Time Payments

Flux Real time payments enables banks to deliver instant, irrevocable payments safe and secure with complete visibility of payment status at all stages.

Flux Corporate Direct Access

Flux CDA is a logical extension of Flux-Global ACH into corporates for origination and termination of payments. Flux CDA enables corporates to better manage their payments through useful options like payments authorization, format conversion, request-payments matching and reconciliation.


Combat is a robust, high performing, anti-money laundering solution to detect, monitor and prevent fraudulent financial transactions.

Flux Global ACH

Flux-Global ACH is enterprise payment processing solution that automates ACH payments processing, satisfying the guidelines drawn by regional regulators. Flux-Global ACH delivers timely payment processing with reliability and convenience.

e-mandate solution

The Evolvus e-Signed Mandate Verification service will enable debtor bank (where customer is holding accounts) to process inward e-Sign mandate request received A resilient platform for secure cost-effective real-time payments.