Flux is a payments processing platform which represents the enterprise infrastructure needed to make payments management achievable by banks, thus enabling them to provide payments services in a consolidated platform across various channels in a cost effective way.

Payments hub

Message parsing and routing, ISO formats & non-standard formats, work flow management, routing configuration, reconciliation.

Real time payments

Instant credit transfer with fund availability, real time AML and OFAC verification, 24/7/365 availability, planet scale

Enterprise products

Global ACH

Mandate management, payments and returns management, payments warehouse, Risk verification

Corporate direct access

Direct payments creation & termination within corporate framework, multiple system integration, straight through processing

Modernization of payments

Payment methods have advanced leaps and bounds, as payments technology landscape has evolved considerably. As a result, sophistication in payments with respect to time of delivery, robustness and security have all improved.

The global payments landscape is currently experiencing a metamorphic change from the grass root level lead by independent fin-tech institutions.

Financial institutions, need to keep up with the ever-changing technological scenario which will place them ahead of their competitors.

Why Flux


Customers expect a real-time experience from their banks, one that is highly integrated into their increasingly digital lives, and one that can adapt quickly to their evolving needs and wants.


Banks have an urgent need to develop new strategies, operating models and capabilities to cover speed, customer convenience, quick access and scalability for their payments technology infrastructure.


As banks invest in payments technology to create competitive advantage, the pursuit of an enterprise approach will enable them to deliver payments services in a consistent, scalable, and cost-effective way.

Flux feature

Same day ACH

ISO20022 ready

Integrate with third party services


Real time fraud check

Cloud enabled

Real time payments

Regulatory compliance

Immediate deployment

Straight through processing and auto return

Partial settlement and associated re-presentment

Integrate with third party services

Originator registration and conformity review

Compliance with UAE DDS CMG2015 and CMG2016

Immediate deployment

DDA management for loans, finances, credit card and others.

Charge collection, reconciliation with CB UAE

Same day ACH

ISO20022 Ready

Integrate with third party services



Ach credit/debit, APB and ECS processing


Aadhaar seeding and DBTL account mapping


Signing and verification using class 3 digital certificate


Image based mandate management

Immediate Deployment

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