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Technological focus in 2018

Conversational intelligence is completely re-defining the banking experience.  But what are the current challenges in incorporating intelligent banking assistants? Evolvus Chief Architect, Anish Alex Thomas explains the opportunities and challenges in bringing intelligent banking machines into our everyday life.

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How to be the chosen one in the software development landscape?

In the software world change is the only constant and technology is the wind in its sails. New technologies and devices are becoming obsolete at an accelerating pace. For a software engineer, it is a challenging world to continually fine tune expertise and develop skills to build a go-to market product.


Why should we focus on result oriented automation testing?

A result oriented automation testing strategy is the need of the hour. The dynamic technology landscape has warranted a change in the current automation approach. The standard approach that focusses on the happy path of test scenario with minimum set of data (only on positive data) is beset with pitfalls.


Why we are moving to DevOps?

Why we are moving to DevOps? Organizations across the world are leveraging DevOps principles to improve business performance and profitability. In the bygone era, pun intended, IT departments worked in silos with development team creating large chunks of code and throwing it over the wall to the tester areas.