Flux Real-time Payments

Next Generation Payments Platform

Instant Funds

Make funds available to
recipients within 15 seconds


Secure payments


Near instant confirmation of credit


Adherence to global standards
of payment message processing

 The future of payments is here

Why Flux RTP?

Payments solution specialists

Ready solution

Smart switching between
ACH and RTP rails in real-time

Relevant analytics over and
above the RTP service for deeper insights

Real-time visibility to Fed-liquidity position and advance notification

Open APIs for Straight Through Processing from Corporate ERPs and channels

We Redefine Real-time Payments

Architecture designed specifically for instant delivery and instant settlement

Cloud and in-house
deployment compatible

Ability to switch between ACH and RTP at the source

Advance cash position trend dashboards

How customers benefit from our futuristic payments solution

Offer RTP to customers in less than a month*

Host in your data center or hook up to our cloud

Integrate with our internet,mobile and corporate banking through Open APIs

*Excludes time to obtain TCH certification and to integrate with Core System

Let’s build the future of payments together.

Deliver instant, irrevocable safe and secure payments with complete visibility and
traceability through our cloud based real-time payment services.