Payments monitoring and screening

Compliance is not only cost to business but a mandatory requirement to meet the compliance obligation of the region. Regulatory agencies have mandated financial institutions to monitor, review and even prohibit transactions of customer/entity appearing on the various sanction lists.
Given this background, organisations are looking for agile systems which can monitor messages and KYC information in split seconds, in a cost effective way.


Instant verification

High speed verification of payments messages against sanction lists


KYC verification

KYC information of customer is verified against suspicious entities list



HawkEye is available as a cloud offering for individual and bulk message verification



Content agnostic

Entire content of message is verified against the list, irrespective of the format


Choice of list

Customers can choose from an array of published lists for verification of their messages



Customers can integrate HawkEye in their payments workflow for straight through processing

Value proposition


HawkEye will address the need of financial institutions to identify the potential risks of processing a payments message, entities involved in the payments, and their attributes.

HawkEye also helps financial institutions identify the potential risks of engaging with an entity as their customer. Financial institutions can assess the degree of risk, record the risk score and make a standardized policy decision on processing the message or associating with the customer.

HawkEye helps achieve all this within the split second duration of completing a payments request.

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