Blockchain fluxchain

Evolvus solutions is launching its newest innovation, FluxChain, a payment processing solution that uses blockchain technology.

Blockchain or the Distributed Ledger technology will ensure that payments reach the beneficiaries faster without compromising on security. A wide peer-to-peer network can archive complete transaction histories and is permanent and unalterable. This ensures a fool-proof system that is visible and requires no-validation from an external central authority.

Fluxchain is a blockchain solution that is made available with the Flux Payment Suite. It can be easily plugged on the Flux Architecture and can be integrated with other popular blockchain applications like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple and many more. With Fluxchain, we aim to create a banking community that can enable real time transactions with high degree of security.

Evolvus Solutions is developing high impact use cases and strategic relationships with blockchain providers. Banks can leverage our deep end payment expertise and existing intelligentsia to drive value added solutions to their customers.

Blockchains are the most watched technology for their promising cross border use cases and self regulation. Evolvus Fluxchain will help banks to source and exchange information that would ultimately lower costs on strategic financial transactions like securities settlement, loan trading and international money transfers.