ISO20022 NACHA Converter

Flux Wizer is a message conversion software which helps create ACH files as per NACHA standards. Applications which deal with payment messages in ISO20022 format can make use of Flux Wizer to convert messages into NACHA format and vice versa.

ISO File conversion as per NACHA standards.
Convert NACHA to ISO20022 pain.008 for CCD, CTX and PPD SEC Codes
Convert ISO20022 pain.001 to NACHA for CCD, CTX and PPD SEC Codes


Proprietary format (CSV) to NACHA format conversion
File conversion as a cloud based service
APIs to integrate your systems with Flux Wizer on cloud
Clear description of mapping errors
Usage based pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Flux Wizer is a message format converter that converts messages of specific formats to necessary formats.

ISO 20022 pain.001 mesage format to NACHA format [CCD, CTX and PPD SEC Code].
NACHA message format to ISO 20022. [CCD, CTX, PPD SEC Codes to ISO pain.008]

If you have a payment message / file in ISO 20022 format and if you want to convert it to NACHA format, Flux Wizer can do that for you. If you have messages / files in NACHA format which you want to convert to ISO 20022 format, Flux Wizer can convert that too.

ISO 20022 pain.001 to NACHA [CCD, CTX, PPD SEC codes]
NACHA to ISO 20022 pain.008

The supported SEC codes are CCD, CTX and PPD. Other SEC codes will be added, as and when the guidelines are made available by NACHA.

The site allows upload of files of size up to 1MB.

You may contact us at info@evolvussolutions.com

We only retain the name of the input file and number of records in Flux Wizer. We do not store any other information contained in the message or the message itself within Flux Wizer. So there is no data privacy.

We do not store any transaction data on the server.

If there is an error, the entire source file will be rejected. The user needs to upload the file, once again after correcting the source file.

For now, the conversion tool is free for use with registration for a defined time period as per the prevailing offer.

Currently, the site supports uploading of single file. If you have multiple files, you will need to upload files one after the other. However, we will soon release an upgrade to enable processing of multiple files.

In a day you can upload a maximum of 100 files.

Your internal systems may use ISO20022 message formats as this is slowly becoming a global standard. NACHA has not released guidelines to convert ISO20022 messages to NACHA format and vice versa. So in order to integrate ISO20022 based payment systems with ACH, this conversion will be required.

For information about Flux product and services from Evolvus, contact us at info@evolvussolutions.com