Flux eSign mandate

Empowering the digital Indian


accurate identity confirmation


increase in operational efficiencies


seconds for validation and mandate Setup

  • Fully compliant with NPCI’s eSign mandate specifications
  • Ready integration adaptors
  • Extensive ESP eco-system.
  • Plug and Play APIs
  • Multi-level encryption for 360-degree security
  • Fastest on-boarding process

Why Flux eSign is your most preferable mandate solution?

Easy Integrations

Ready integration adaptors that work across the ESign Service Providers (ESPs). Sponsor bank, CBS, web, file-based integration support.

360- degree security

Robust secure platform with multi-level encryption and single sign-on capabilities.

Enterprise Scale

Capability to process over 500K mandates per day

Go live in a flash

Inhouse set up and go live in 3 days.

Value for money

Engage with pioneers of the payments industry with 30 years of experience.

Total Support

24/7 support across channels.

Benefits to Enterprise

  • Quick mandate processing through your Aadhaar credentials.
  • Integrate across multiple eSign service providers
  • Straight through processing from mandate creation till setup
  • Total security through single sign-on and multi-level encryptions
  • User friendly dashboards & extensive reporting feeds

Integrate with ESP's of choice

eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate

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