Financial Crime Detection

360° AML and payments monitoring for complete fraud detection

Combat is robust and high-performing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution that helps detect, monitor and prevent fraudulent financial activities.

An intelligent fraud detection process to safeguard financial institutions

Financial Crime Detection

Holistic customer profiling

Based on the customers’ accounts transactions performed

Financial Crime Detection

Effective threat detection

Analysis of customer profile to filter suspicious activity

Financial Crime Detection

Actionable threat profile reporting

Financial institutions can review threat profiles and take appropriate actions

An integrated enterprise wide approach
to financial crime detection

Financial Crime Detection

KYC Screening

Includes scenarios and data structures to analyze authenticity KYC compliance.

Financial Crime Detection

Transaction Monitoring

All payment transactions of the Core Banking and/or across all alternative channels are screened aggressively.

Financial Crime Detection

Watch-List Screening

Enables banks to screen transaction messages against watch lists at rapid pace.

Financial Crime Detection

Regulatory Reporting

Helps to cover Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) reports and generate ad-hoc reports as required by local regulatory authorities and management.

Combat makes split second crime detection possible

Financial Crime Detection
  • Near real-time transaction screening capabilities
  • Customer screening against national, international and UN databases
  • Deployed through cloud, Combat delivers a near real time crime detection
  • Comprehensive MIS and FIU reporting to monitor violations
  • Instant alert generation for any violations of FIU on user configurable dashboards
  • Easy to deploy plug-ins for comprehensive watch list filtering
Financial Crime Detection

An intelligent AML & payments monitoring solution. 

Detect, monitor and prevent financial fraud.