Realize high returns with Flux emandate solutions

SaaS for scalability

Pay as you go mandate processing
90% saving in Total cost ownership

Frictionless payments

End-to-end automation
30% Cost savings through automation

Supportive ecosystem

Expert support for harnessing new opportunities
3-step integration with ESP-of-choice

Functionally rich emandate solution with a growing clientele

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Why Flux emandate can be your digital accelerator?

Competitive Pricing
Niche solution and expert consultancy packaged together.
Total Support
24/7 support across channel.
360- Degree Security
Incorporate NPCI certified security standards
Easy Integrations
Ready integration adaptors across the ESP providers.

Integrate with ESP's of choice

eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate
eSign mandate

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