Flux E-Mandate

Faster frictionless and eco-friendly authentication


Mandates processed per day


Reduction in mandate rejection


Increase in operational efficiencies

Ready to use, proven API E-Mandate processing solution

Simplified Authentication Process

Flux API E-Mandate allows integration with banks through Net Banking and Debit Cards

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Net Banking

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Debit Card

Cost effective

Flux E-Mandate reduces up to 80% costs compared to Paper Mandates

Solution expertise

Help banks to implement the solution with their existing systems

Faster Go-to-Market Time

Ready and tested solution reduces Go-to-Market time significantly

Our customers are

2 out of the Top 4 Banks in the NPCI API E-Mandates Live Banks List
One of the Top 3 Banks to Go Live with Net banking & Debit card authentication as Sponsor and Destination Bank
All our customers are featured in the Top 30 Banks with API E-Mandate certification
eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Flux E-Mandate solution offers end-to-end integration and support and can be integrated with Online Mandate Gateway Service (ONMAGS).

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Flux E-Mandate requires no manual intervention and facilitates end-to-end automation with Straight Through Processing (STP).

Flux E-Mandate is a solution which is already in live operation. Our solution simplifies tracking and management of customers’ mandate applications on a single integrated interface. Mandate registration is processed in a secure online environment in compliance with NPCI guidelines.

Time Tested & Growing Clientele

The Flux Mandate Service has been a preferred mandate processing solution among a distinguished clientele over several years.

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

Our clients love to talk about their payment experience

eNACH and eMandate Solutions

See 99% reduction in mandate returns with our E-Mandate

The Flux API E-Mandate solution enables faster, frictionless and eco-friendly
authentication of payment mandates.