API eMandate is a very simple and convenient way of setting up payment mandates electronically to make recurring payments. Customers can use Net Banking/Debit card details to authenticate the eMandate.

API eMandate enables customers to authenticate the mandate using Net Banking/Debit card. Customer can choose eMandate authentication using Net Banking/Debit card. Paycorp.io will  direct the customer to debtor bank portal where customer can enter use the Net Banking/Debit card details to authorize the mandate.

When a customer performs a financial transaction and decides to pay for the transaction through recurring payments, he / she is directed to paycorp.io where the Emandate details are pre-filled and ready for customer verification and confirmation. The customer can choose to authorise the Emandate via his Net Banking / Debit Card details. The eMandate details will be sent to debtor bank through NPCI Online Mandate Gateway Service (OnMAGS).  Customer authorises these details using their Net Banking / Debit card credentials. The Emandate is successfully set up and the Unique mandate reference number is issued to the mandate and it is shared with the customer and the corporate.

Yes. You can enable payment collection in Paycorp.io for mandates, which will generate the payment collection files for your bank.

The Customer will get mandate status on the screen after completion of the authorization.  A Unique Mandate Reference Number (UMRN) is provided can be used for any future reference.