Flux Corporate Direct Access

Enhanced Payments Tracking & Management Solution for Corporates

Personalized Dashboards

  • Monitor payments on personalized dashboards
  • Access Funds Position reports

Automated Processes

  • Automate scheduling of
    repeat payments
  • Set auto collection triggers

Transparency in Cash Flow

  • Real-Time cash flow visibility 
  • Significant error reduction

Our clients benefit from implementing Flux CDA because we offer

  • Consolidation of multiple payment types on a single platform
  • End-to-end traceability of payments
  • Straight Through Processing of individual and batch payments
  • Web API for channel integration
  • Integration with bank systems

How Flux CDA will enhance your payments management system

Plug and play solution

Supports multiple message types including ISO20022 format

Quick Web API & SFTP enabled integration capabilities

Advantages of Flux CDA

Compliant with payments schemes of various countries

Go Live in 2 months

Adaptable to NACHA & US RTP payments format

Core integration


Flux Corporate Direct Access allows efficiencies of payments
management right into the core of corporates and banks’ systems

Corporates can

  • Minimize manual handling, reduce errors & delays
  • Schedule, track payments
  • Analyze cash flow positions across payment types
  • Reduce reconciliation efforts by 90%

Banks can

  • Reduce operational overheads
  • Improve payments processing efficiencies and timelines
  • Increase revenue and customer acquisition
  • Get real-time updates on payments status

Automate payments management for your organization.

Flux CDA enables banks and corporates to manage their payments more