Corporate Direct Access

Personalized Dashboards

  • Monitor payments on personalized dashboards
  • Access Funds Position reports
Corporate Direct Access

Automated Processes

  • Automate scheduling of
    repeat payments
  • Set auto collection triggers
Corporate Direct Access

Transparency in Cash Flow

  • Real-Time cash flow visibility 
  • Significant error reduction
Corporate Direct Access

Our clients benefit from implementing Flux CDA because we offer

  • Consolidation of multiple payment types on a single platform
  • End-to-end traceability of payments
  • Straight Through Processing of individual and batch payments
  • Web API for channel integration
  • Integration with bank systems

How Flux CDA will enhance your payments management system

Corporate Direct Access

Plug and play solution

Corporate Direct Access

Supports multiple message types including ISO20022 format

Corporate Direct Access

Quick Web API & SFTP enabled integration capabilities

Advantages of Flux CDA

Corporate Direct Access

Compliant with payments schemes of various countries

Corporate Direct Access

Go Live in 2 months

Corporate Direct Access

Adaptable to NACHA & US RTP payments format

Corporate Direct Access

Core integration


Flux Corporate Direct Access allows efficiencies of payments
management right into the core of corporates and banks’ systems

Corporates can

  • Minimize manual handling, reduce errors & delays
  • Schedule, track payments
  • Analyze cash flow positions across payment types
  • Reduce reconciliation efforts by 90%

Banks can

  • Reduce operational overheads
  • Improve payments processing efficiencies and timelines
  • Increase revenue and customer acquisition
  • Get real-time updates on payments status

Corporate Payments Solutions

Corporate Direct Access

Automate payments management for your organization.

Flux CDA enables banks and corporates to manage their payments more