A panel discussion on Blockchain was organized at India Institute of Management, Bangalore. The speakers included industry leaders who were excited about the immense possibilities for Blockchain technology today.

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore invited Balaji Jagannathan, CEO Evolvus Solution, Atul Agashe, Practice Head for Payments, Wipro Technologies, Harihara Natarajan, distinguished Member of Technical Staff & Chief Architect, Wipro Technologies and Sudheer H.R, Technology Head, Billion Loans, to explain the buzz behind the Blockchain technology. Each speaker presented their unique point of view regarding the potential and industry concerns about Blockchain.

At Evolvus, we are excited about Blockchain. It is a promising new technology that would inevitably re-invent payments and banking. The overall consensus is that Blockchain must be seen in conjunction with other emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data for an effective transformation of different ecosystems,” says Balaji Jagannathan, CEO Evolvus.

The panel discussion also gave the audience a feel about Blockchain applications across diverse industry verticals. The main focus was to separate Blockchain from the cryptocurrency narrative and address its implications across different domains. The forum concluded with a Q&A session with active participation from audience who were curious about the new disruption in the market.

Blockchain is emerging as a foundational technology that would re-define transactions. It would enable users to generate smart contracts with maximum security and transparency. Blockchains can be applied for any transactions and would deliver immense returns for users.

Click here for Balaji’s presentation about BlockChain

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